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Your Ultimate Campus App Launch Guide, Part 1 - Pre-planning
What you might be missing before you start

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Guest Presenter: Jeff Abbott, Assistant CIO, 

University of Montana 

campusM Presenter: Bob Banerjee, campusM Solutions Architect

Every app/portal launch is as different as each university launching one. Despite a university's familiarity with new projects and initiatives, a mobile campus solution is an enterprise application, and its apparent simplicity obscures the power and flexibility of the underlying software and architecture. Consequently, there are certain tasks that can be surprisingly difficult, as well as others that are much easier than one would think.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:
  • How your campus app project starts before day one
  • Phases to plan for in a project
  • Deciding what integration means to you
  • Common scenarios for integrations
  • And how to avoid a longer, more costly project than required 
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