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Your Ultimate Campus App Launch Guide, Part 3 - Your Unique Campus
What's unique about your users and campus?

December 11th | 12PM EST

Guest Presenter: Jeff Abbott, Assistant CIO, 

University of Montana 

campusM Presenter: Bob Banerjee, campusM Solutions Architect

So you've covered the pre-planning topics required to start a campus app launch (watch the first webinar here) and how to create a team to execute a successful launch (watch the second webinar here). It's time to consider the unique components of your campus including your target audiences, marketing, your staffing needs, and developing self-sufficiency.


In this webinar, we’ll explore:
  • What pieces of the project the vendor should tackle vs. the pieces best suited for your internal teams
  • How to setup a beta program for end-user testing prior to launch
  • Strategies for insuring a successful initial adoption rate
  • What a campus app effectively replaces and what should continue on as it's own accessible system
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